niedziela, 10 sierpnia 2014

Your home is where your heart is

Do you know that the city on my card really exists?I have been inspired by the Golden City in Prague.

Source of the photo
The houses were different probably for financial reasons but while visiting Prague I liked to imagine that these houses were the portrait of their owners. Somebody who was small and fat built a small and dumpy house and the person who was tall and thin had a  tall and thin house. A funny idea, isn't it?
And here is my card:

Take it, it's yoursHERE

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  1. That is lovely, and I love Prague! Thanks for sharing with us at CCCB!

  2. Beautiful card, love the townscape !

  3. What a beautiful card!! Love the houses! Thanks so much for playing along at CCCB!!

  4. Gratuluję wygranej, która przyniosły Ci te słodkie domki!